Guided Reading Library - 1st grade

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Guided Reading Library - 1st grade
La tortilla de papas
Mateo y su gato rojo
Guided Reading Library - 1st grade
Guided Reading Library - 1st grade
El Fantástico Sr. Wani
Guided Reading Library - 1st grade

With our Guided Reading Libraries you receive 6 copies of each of the titles listed below (total of 36 books).  All Guided Reading Libraries receive free shipping.

- Titles as subject to change as we continually expand our catalog - 


 1 - La tortilla de papas (Hardcover)

This is the story of a Cinderella with a lot of personality and little concern for protocol. A story full of humor, written in rhyme, and sprinkled with winks that invite children and adults to think and laugh together.

 2 - Mateo y su gato rojo (Hardcover)

A child take, on a child's challenge, with an open end, to spark imagination, creativity, thinking and problem solving skills.

 3 - Cenicienta a la pimienta (Hardcover)

Brief texts that introduce and repeat each letter using high frequency, environmental words, fun images, witty questions and ideas. The format of texts can easily be reproduced for reading groups and word work centers.

 4 - Tablet (Hardcover)

The book challenges the imagination, forcing us to ponder about our use of technology and what happens when we turn our screens off.

5 - Doña Pocha va de compras (Paperback)

Doña Pocha goes to the supermarket to buy all the supplies her thing-friends needed: tea for the teapot, salt for the saltshaker, and milk for the cow. On her way home, she meets a gentleman and becomes flustered, spilling her bag of groceries.

6 - El fantastico Sr. Wani (Paperback)

Large sized picture book with hilarious illustrations, to work on collaboration, cause and effect and writing skills, demonstrating the impact of expressive language and clever use of onomatopoeia.