Marcos Severi

             Opera prima in English by one of the best Argentinian cartoonist.               Marcos Severi: Between the lines - ISBN: 9781946071293

Argentine cartoon artists include some of the most iconic names in the genre, both regionally and internationally. Names like Fontanarrosa, Mordillo or, perhaps the best know in the US, Quino, with his iconic character, Mafalda.

Marcos Severi represents an exciting contemporary expression of this exceptional artistic school tradition. He uses minimal text and spare yet striking images, mostly drawn in black crayon but with occasional, delightful bursts of color.

Many of the illustrations are metaphorical, like visual poems. Other are hilarious and may feel straight out of The Far Side. Some are thoughtful, hopeful, they may even feel like philosophical prompts.  Severi's work will leave those who see his work wanting more. Readers who enjoy poetry, art, or comics in the vein of The Far Side will be enchanted will become long term fans.